Welcome to Phiquest Journey, a space for entreprenuers and innovators.


The Phiquest planner is a complete personal development toolkit. It includes self-guided personal assessment worksheets and a 12 month project management calendar. To get a free copy now click here.

You can attend 1 of 4 Phiquest bootcamps. These bootcamps are designed to get you results quickly and efficiently.

The four bootcamps are:

  1. Startup Bootcamp 
  2. Transition Bootcamp 
  3. Market You
  4. Market Your Business

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Our community networking events offer an opportunity for warm introductions to people that can help you with your journey. We offer both one-on-one introductions and group events. 

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The Business Modeling Workshop is a 90 minute fast paced learning event. By the end of the workshop you will have an action plan to improve your business or personal brand. Our next workshop will be held the first week of August.

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